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Jeremy Fukunaga is a photographer originally from the San Francisco Bay Area.

​Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, Jeremy Dylan Fukunaga has always been an artist. In his youth, Jeremy spent most of his free time illustrating and painting, winning several school art contests. In his twenties, he was introduced to computer graphics and was fascinated by the creative potential with tools like Photoshop and 3D graphic software. His practice of computer generated imagery led him to buy his first digital camera, beginning his love for the photography medium.

​Though Jeremy has had some artistic education and formal training online and in school, he is mostly self-taught. “I was extremely grateful for the wealth of information on the internet and resources offered at local colleges. Of course, I found the real learning happened when I just practiced, got out of my comfort zone, took risks, and had fun with it all. Photography can be so immediately rewarding, especially when capturing an interesting moment in time. It can also require a lot of patience and hours in post, experimenting, building, destroying, and tweaking things to fulfill my vision. Whether by luck or design, I hope my photographs tell a story or inspire thought and emotion personal to each individual viewer.



Oakland, CA
+1 510 761 8096


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